Alcohol, once drunk is rapidly absorbed from the gut. Most of it is then oxidised, mainly in the liver. The enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase converts the alcohol into the very undesirable acetaldehyde. This acetaldehyde causes the unpleasant effects of drinking that we are all so familiar with. In response to the stress the acetaldehyde causes, your body mobilises its defences and your natural reserves of L-Carnosine are very soon exhausted. With your natural defences gone, a hangover the morning after is inevitable. By taking extra L-Carnosine before and whilst drinking you ensure that your natural reserves will not be exhausted - with the happy result of - NO MORE HANGOVERS. In the presence of extra L-Carnosine the acetaldehyde will not bother you and your body will oxidise it to acetate and then safely metabolise that to carbon dioxide and water.

WARNING: Ohmihead™ does not negate the intoxicating effects of drinking alcohol. You will still gain exactly the same effect; it just protects your body against the usual damage caused. Alcohol should always be consumed in moderation and we encourage everyone to practice responsible drinking. Furthermore, we do not encourage people to drink alcohol - we merely encourage those who do choose to drink, to protect their bodies from damage before doing so. You should not use this product to increase the amount or the frequency of your alcohol consumption.