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Thanks for sending the order so quickly - that's cool!

What's also more amazing is I got severely smashed at the weekend with D, D&D among others the whole weekend. I dosed up with Ohmihead™ and it's true - no stinking hangover today!! Next weekend is Dot's birthday so another session with Ohmihead™ sales for all participants.

Simon Howlett, Germany

I have personally been taking Ohmihead™ for the last few months and my personal experience is that it really keeps up my vitality. This last weekend all the people at work (near 100) got together at a mountain hotel to look into the glass ball. I had the main responsibility for both the professional part of the arrangement and the evening parties. I just had to stand up to it all day and night. And I did - I just don't think I could have managed it without Ohmihead™!

Arvid Rosseland, Norway

I ordered a tub of Ohmihead™ online and it arrived on a Saturday morning, and as always I am always keen to try out the new products. Being a Saturday, it was timely because of my usual weekend binge drinking (!). And I suffer with hangovers from hell! Anyway, next morning I was awake earlier than normal, feeling not just good but exceptionally well! And no hangover whatsoever. Fluke? Well maybe. But this continued, until I could drink anything I wanted - literally - and not get the faintest sign of a hangover. My life (sad though this may sound) really changed for the better!!!

Thanks for a wonderful product.

Andy Hill, UK

P.S. I tried Ohmihead™ out again this Saturday - drinking from 1.30pm until very late (or early!) as we went to a concert.

Myself and a friend from the office took Ohmihead™ in a bottle 500ml Evian; both of us suffer with Hangovers; neither of us had them!

I hold my hand up and admit that I like a drink. At the end of a long and stressful day I pour myself a large glass of whisky and slump into a comfy chair to watch the world news on television. Then its away to bed where I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. I have spoken to my Doctor about my night-cap and he tells me not to change my habit as the good it does outweighs the bad!! I've taken my night-cap for many years and for many years I have awoken with a thick head. But that stopped once I had started to take Ohmihead™ on a daily basis. I did have a conversation with Prof. Gallant on this matter and he referred me to research which proved that Ohmihead™ (L-Carnosine) has a most positive effect in protecting the body from an excess of alcohol. He joked that it would be a good idea if the brewers included L-Carnosine in their products to ensure everyone who drinks is protected... and who knows sometime in the future this could happen!

Roger Cooke, UK

My husband and I took Ohmihead™ on Friday and Saturday night. Because we had two big nights out planned for 2 of our friend’s birthdays, we didn't want to miss out on a great night through a hangover. Sure enough the Ohmihead™ worked a treat - No Hangover - brilliant, we've told all our friends about it!

Caroline Devlin - Manchester

I had a big night out on Friday with my girlfriend, she didn’t take the Ohmihead™ before we went out, so Saturday morning she felt terrible, I kept rubbing it in by saying I told you to take the Ohmihead™ but you wouldn't listen! I felt great!

Pete Lilly - Swinton

I must admit I was a little dubious before taking Ohmihead™, as with anything new but I am so glad that I did. I can't believe how clear my head was the following morning after a large night out! Thanks.

Paul Sutton - Boothstown.

My partner Gary and my brother Neil have found the benefits of Ohmihead™ - not necessarily the night before, but the benefits reaped the morning after, well, a very different story!

Q. However, I have one terribly BIG query with it. Does it not promote the one thing that the UK is overtly trying to stop ... binge drinking?

Kaye, Fife, Scotland

A. We would suggest that the people who are sensible enough to protect themselves by taking Ohmihead™ are sensible enough to avoid continuous binge drinking. Those who can't be bothered to take Ohmihead™ (or deliberately avoid it) probably wouldn't even listen to the binge drinking debate.